In addition to the regional projects, the Authority will also incur costs to build more infrastructure to receive and deliver water treated at the Northeast Water Purification Plant to the MUDs/water providers within the Authority’s boundaries. This includes two major pump stations and constructing an additional 94 miles of transmission and distribution lines to connect another 45 Municipal Utility Districts.

The Authority is partnering with the City of Houston to construct an additional 16.5 miles of pipe to deliver 113 MGD of treated water from the NEWPP to the Rendl Regional Pump Station (FKA SH249 R.P.S) and storage facility. This includes 2200 ft. of a 120 inch line — that’s 10 ft. in diameter. Another segment, shared with the Central Harris County Regional Water Authority, will be 9 ft. in diameter and almost 8 miles long. These huge pipelines are big enough to drive a truck through.

2025 Water Distribution and Transmission System Approximate Location of Existing and Proposed Waterline Layout

2025 Water Distribution and Transmission System