At its May 1, 2023, Regular Board Meeting, the Board of Directors of the North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA) voted to amend and restate certain provisions of the Procedural Rules to revise existing requirements primarily related to conflicts of interest. The new Conflict of Interest Policy requires Board members, employees and all consultants, contractors, vendors, and their employees, submit forms and questions related to actual, potential, and perceived conflicts of interest. Board Vice President Melissa Rowell, who was instrumental in revising the old policy, was appointed Conflicts Compliance Officer by the Board.

Board President Mark Ramsey remarked after the vote that, “Full disclosure of actual, potential, or even perceived conflicts of interest is a bedrock of good governance and transparency. I am encouraged that the new board has replaced what was minimal self-reporting of actual conflicts with this robust and mandatory reporting by all representatives of the NHCRWA on actual, potential, and perceived conflicts. Especially with such a large debt as the NHCRWA has incurred in the past, (currently nearly $2 billion dollars), the ratepayers deserve nothing less.”

The newly adopted policy is located in the amended NHCRWA Procedural Rules.

Ron Graham, NHCRWA Director District 1
David Barker, NHCRWA Director District 2
Melissa Rowell, NHCRWA Director District 3
Mark Ramsey, NHCRWA Director District 4
Kelly Fessler, NHCRWA Director District 5


NHCRWA Press Release 5-11-2023